Commercial Deposit Products

We offer a variety of deposit solutions for your business.  We strive to understand your business needs that will allow you to operate at full potential.  Take a look at the products below and contact your account officer or local office today.

Small Business Checking

Small Business Checking for low volume accounts with fewer items.  Allowed 100 debits paid and 200 items deposited per month with no minimum balance required.  Fees apply for debits paid in excess of 100 per month and items deposited in excess of 200 per month.  Additional products and service with flexible pricing may be added.  $500 minimum opening deposit.

Business Analysis Checking

Business Analysis Checking for the business with higher transaction volume, multiple accounts or require Cash Management Services.  A market earnings credit rate on the average daily collected balance for the month helps to offset against monthly fees.  All related accounts may be linked for composite analysis purpose to offset or possibly eliminate fees. $1,000 minimum opening deposit.

Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

A business checking account maintained at a zero balance and set up to automatically transfer funds to and from a master account.  ZBAs allow transactions to flow through separate accounts for audit purposes while consolidating the balances for funding.  Balances that were once maintained in separate accounts are pooled, which may increase investment opportunities or reduce outstanding line of credit balances.  Analysis fees apply.

Target Balance Account (TBA)

A Business Checking account that maintains a desired target balance needed to meet minimum standards for profitability or a break even yield.  A TBA is often used to set balances at a level needed to avoid service charges.  Analysis fees apply.

Business Interest Checking

This account is for the sole proprietorships and registered non-profit organizations.  Interest is earned on average daily collected balance of $1,000 or more.  $500 minimum opening deposit.

IOLTA Checking

Interest on Lawyer’s Trust Accounts have no monthly maintenance fees regardless of the balance.  Interest is earned on the average collected monthly balance and is paid to the Florida Bar Association.

Business Savings

Earn interest on excess funds while maintaining liquidity.  A $300 average daily collected balance avoids monthly maintenance fee.  Transaction limitations apply.  $500 minimum opening deposit.  

Business Money Market

 Maximize the use of accumulated cash reserves and maintain liquidity with our Tiered Money Market.  Interest is paid on average daily collected balances of $1,000 or more.  A $2,500 average daily collected balance avoids monthly maintenance fee.   Transaction limitations apply.  $2,500 minimum opening deposit.

Certificates of Deposit

Our terms are designed to fit your needs and extend from 30 days to 5 years.  Interest is compounded daily and can be paid monthly or quarterly by check, transfer or to maximize your earnings, can be paid back to the CD account.  Penalty for early withdrawal may apply and would reduce earnings.  $1,000 minimum opening deposit.

Please contact any of our branches to request our Truth in Savings disclosures for more complete details on specific account terms and conditions.  All terms are subject to change.

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