Cash Management Products

Providing our customers with a variety of competitive cash managements solutions is a priority at Bay Cities Bank. We have the services you need to manage your banking in the most efficient manner. Please contact your account officer or local office today.

Credit Sweep Service

Excess balances over a predetermined target balance may be swept to a business line of credit at Bay Cities Bank. Balances are recalculated daily. Account Activity and collected deposits and disbursements are considered in the daily calculation. 

Remote Deposit Capture  (RDC)

Save time and money by using Remote Deposit Capture  instead of making trips to the bank. Bay Cities Bank provides approved customers with quality scanners that remain property of the bank; therefore you never need to worry about replacement or repairs. Pricing for this service is determined from the type of business checking account you have along with your monthly collected balance.

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Lock Box

Bay Cities Bank provides Payments Processing and Lockbox Service for businesses or organizations that have a significant flow of receivables or donations.  Our service is designed to save your organization time and money.
We’ll process any type of payment and eliminate exceptions:  Many traditional Lockbox Services are unable to process some types of transactions, and actually create more work as a result.  Bay Cities Bank can process all types of payments, including those that are typically troublesome exceptions, such as:

  • Full page documents
  • Incorrect document sizes
  • Un-encoded documents
  • Incorrect payment amounts
  • Group payments
  • Check only payments
  • Credit/debit card payments

There’s no need for manual posting, data entry, photocopying and reconciling – or the typical resulting delays -- so you get more accurate, efficient, dependable and fully automated processing for all transaction types.

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Business Electronic Banking  (BeB)

Secure online access to your accounts. Enhanced security features are included to give you peace of mind about banking online.  Secure online access to your accounts with real time balances and account reporting, stop payments, account transfers, bill pay, check images and wire transfers. Make commercial loan payments, view loan history or advance on your Line of Credit.    

  • View current balances and transaction history
  • Make online transfers at your convenience
  • Online stop payment access   
  • View and print front & back of cleared check images
  • Download transactions into Microsoft© Money or Quickbooks© software
  • Pay bills online & avoid those trips to the post office
  • Online Wire Transfer with secure tokens
  • Electronic Statements

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